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2 Aug 2011

Avoiding accidental i18n in Grails

We’re developing an app that’s exclusively for a UK audience so i18n really isn’t an issue for us. However recently we got bitten by some i18n creeping in where we didn’t want it. Specifically, when using Grails’ g:dateFormat tag the default behaviour is to format the date according to the Locale specified in the user’s Accept-Language header. Even though we are explicitly specifying a format pattern for the date Java is aware of localized day names for some languages so the output can vary. The result is that on a page full of English text there suddenly appears a Spanish or Swedish day name. What makes things worse is that as we use server-side content caching and a CDN if a user with a non-English Accept-Language header is the first to see a particular page or bit of dynamically retrieved content then the cache is primed and until it expires everyone will see the non-English day name text.
The solution in a Grails app is as simple as replacing Spring’s standard localeResolver bean with an instance of FixedLocaleResolver. Just add the following to grails-app/conf/spring/resources.groovy:
localResolver(org.springframework.web.servlet.i18n.FixedLocaleResolver, Locale.UK)
This changes the way Spring works out the request locale and any locale-aware tags should just fall into place.


Shin Tai said...

Same with formatNumber and where type is currency.

I came across that when my system settings were English (US) which got passed down by Firefox into the headers.

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